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These classes are now being hosted by the Adelaide Crochet Club. Head over there to book and checkout our great Adelaide Crochet Facebook Group.
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Sunday the 23rd of September 2018 @ 10:00am
Beginners Class
$55pp     6 places left
Discover the secrets of crochet with Crochet Ninja.

Time: Sunday 10am
Duration: 3 hours
Location: North Adelaide

If you’re looking for a new secret hobby and are in a creative mood, Crochet Ninja is just the thing for you. Learn how to wield a hook like a Ninja master and create something special in this Crochet Ninja class for beginners.

Designed for those who have had little to no experience with a crochet hook, the Crochet Ninja host will teach you the basics, to start your crochet journey.

  • Learn about double and treble crochet stitches.
  • Practice chain stitches and slip stitches.
  • Decode the basic crochet abbreviations.
  • Learn how to change yarn and introduce different colours to your creation.
  • Practice all these skills as you create a unique Granny Square.

  • Class sizes are kept small so each participant will have a chance to interact with the Crochet Ninja host on a one-to-one basis. Participants will be provided with all the equipment on the day, including an aluminium crochet hook, sample patterns, and appropriate yarn.

    A complimentary standard-size non-alcoholic beverage is included as part of the class price.

    Come along to Crochet Ninja Crochet for Beginners and start your secret journey on the path to a versatile and fun lifelong skill.

    Please Note:
  • Bookings are essential.
  • This class requires at least 4 people to proceed.
  • No crochet experience or knowledge is required.
  • Classes are open to everyone from 12yrs.
    Children under 16yrs require parental supervision.

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    Upcoming Dates
    Bookings close 2 days prior
    Sunday the 23rd of September 2018 @ 10:00am
    Beginners Class
    $55pp     6 places left
    Sunday the 30th of September 2018
    $35pp     10 places left
    Sunday the 7th of October 2018
    Beginners Class
    $55pp     open
    Sunday the 14th of October 2018
    $35pp     10 places left
    Sunday the 21st of October 2018
    Beginners Class
    $55pp     open
    Sunday the 28th of October 2018
    $35pp     10 places left
    Sunday the 4th of November 2018
    Beginners Class
    $55pp     open
    Refund Policy: Full refunds given with 5 days notice. Dates can be changed with 3 days notice.
    4.7/5 from 184 reviews
    I enjoyed the relaxed environment and the take home pack containing all we need as beginners
    4/5 by Sally ogilvie
    Achieved just what I hoped for - a great refresher!
    5/5 by Margie Virgin
    The instructor was wonderful, and as it was a small group we all had plenty of individual help. The cafe was a good location, and it was super to be able to order a free coffee. A relaxed and fun way to learn how to crochet.
    5/5 by Heather Howard
    Had a good time and host was patient with us.. Slightly addicted now and stopped at Spotlight for more wool on the way home
    4/5 by Kerry Grapendaal

    4/5 by Natalie Rowland
    I really enjoyed it
    5/5 by Julie Oliver

    4/5 by Lisa McCann
    Great tutor. Great atmosphere. I was able to grasp the fundamentals within the class time, so that is pleasing.
    4/5 by Ruth Hall
    I had no complaints re this event. The teacher was very patient and thorough.
    5/5 by Mariann Adams
    2nd time I have been. Was great. Ali was excellent.
    5/5 by Delwyn Zienkiewicz
    I really enjoyed the morning. Lovely café and Ali was a great teacher. Very helpful and so patient. Would be very interested in any other crochet classes that you have in the future
    5/5 by Trish Cleland
    Great fun, nice relaxed way to spend a Sat morning. The instructor was really good, sharing her time between the two ends of the table and helping us individually. Very welcoming, table set up all ready to go. It was nice to see a couple of people came back to the beginners class with friends. Venue was also very good, had tasty snacks to purchase and we got a free beverage. I couldn't crochet before I started class, when I left 3 hours later I had made a granny square and was learning chevron stitch. Was really pleased with myself. Loved the class and want to learn more.
    5/5 by Trish Cleland
    Parking and location were well thought out. Ali did a great job teaching she was patient, helpful and an all round nice person ideal for the job. I enjoyed it
    5/5 by Alison Sullivan

    4/5 by Gloria Gore
    was great. Booked to go again with a girlfriend on 11 November
    5/5 by Delwyn Zienkiewicz
    Thought the content was very good. Just the correct number of people in the class. The instructor always ensured she answered any questions we had.
    5/5 by Sandra Collis
    I enjoyed learning how to crochet and left with the skills to do so.
    4/5 by Bonnie Parker
    I really enjoyed the class, the three hours absolutely flew by. Katie was a great teacher.
    5/5 by Jenny Fowler
    It was fun and I felt that I picked up the skill really quickly. The teacher was very friendly and patient
    4/5 by Monica Cations
    Katie was a friendly and patient instructor - l fe.t l was better able to master the basic crochet stitches and learn how to change wool colours. Thank you Katie, a more positive experience this time
    4/5 by Lorinda Bayley
    Relaxed. Good amount to personal help. Enjoyable. Thanks.
    5/5 by Sara White
    I learned what I expected to. The teacher was knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging.
    5/5 by Patricia James
    Great venue.. Just a big enough group that helped make a very friendly atmosphere. Individual attention from the teacher who handled all our mistakes well and encouraged us on. Final pieces were very good/pleasing. Make have to make a return visit as it was an excellent day!
    5/5 by Lisa Henderson
    I learnt how to do shell stitch which I had always wanted to learn so for me it was good
    4/5 by Dianne Steele
    Our instructor Ali was great. She encouraged everyone and was able to capably assist everyone in the group even though the people in our group ranged from some who had never used a crochet hook before to some who had done a bit of crocheting in the past. We all took home a completed granny square we had made!
    5/5 by Jenny Carthew
    Loved the venue. Enjoyed the experience
    4/5 by Roz Branford
    Wonderful class - Ali was very friendly, very patient and an excellent teacher. I didn't think I could achieve what I did in 1 lesson. I'm now addicted to making granny squares 😊
    5/5 by Lynda Reiss
    Katie was an excellent teacher and the pattern sheet a great help. Venue was great. Parking an issue though as all 2 hour!
    5/5 by Julie Mulroney

    5/5 by Carol Huxtable
    I like the idea of a small group in a cafe but of course that comes with limited opportunities to talk to the group as a whole for the instructor - hence have to wait for the teacher to come around each time.
    4/5 by Sue Morris
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